What Do Women  Think is Sexy

Today's guests are four fantastic women ranging from the age of 24 to 74 that join me in talking about what women think is sexy. Natasha Larcos, Jonine Lee Gabay, Melinda Hird, and Evelyn Lundstrom all have different takes on what is sexy. Some of the factors are internal while others are external. One woman likes loose pants on a man. One woman really likes confidence. Each of us agrees that demanding respect for yourself is the first step to being appreciated in your relationships.

In this episode, we discuss how relationship red flags change as we age and how to begin to pinpoint what is sexy to you by pinpointing first what is not sexy to you. We also talk about the death of the chase, treating sexy as a mindset, and the art of flirtation.

Natasha Larcos is the co-founder and creative director of the social media agency Universal Creatives. She volunteers at Ocean Uprise, a non-profit that empowers young people to help combat climate change through ocean conservation. She also co-hosts Officially Unofficial, a comedic dating podcast.

Jonine Lee Gabay is a family/systemic constellations and somatic breathwork facilitator. Her vision is to create greater awareness of the link between unresolved trauma and grief to health and wellbeing.

Melinda Hird is a personal brand photographer and video producer. She has covered event photography and video, author book trailers, brand photography, and video showreels for businesses and speakers. She loves engaging in meaningful conversations that can open up people's minds.

Evelyn Lundstrom works as an executive presence and personal brand strategist, image coach, and corporate trainer. In her business, she helps in training those who wish to enter the personal brand image industry. She believes that feeling cherished and loved are key parts of feeling confident and sexy.

Listen in to learn what is utterly unsexy, which one of the guests wants a guy that smells like a mountain stream, and how to know when a relationship has run its course.

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"If you can't communicate with your partner then the sexiness is all gone."  - Melinda Hird

Show Notes:

  • What is sexy to women
  • Aesthetics that women find sexy
  • Owning your femininity 
  • How women's preferences change with age
  • The death of the chase
  • Ages in stages
  • Sexy as a mindset
  • Encouraging young girls to own their confidence
  • Refocusing external validation
  • Getting clear on potential partners
  • Knowing when a relationship has run its course 
  • Outsourcing relationship advice 
  • Redefining what is sexy
  • The art of flirtation

"Unfulfilled longings can wreak havoc on a relationship unless we find a space for them." - Evelyn Lundstrom

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"Women should just forget about the chase." Evelyn Lundstrom