A Man's Guide to a Woman's Pleasure  with Erik Everhard

It's not every day that I get to talk to a professional porn star. I have been looking forward to this episode with great anticipation because any man that teaches other men elite-level sexual skills so they can master the bedroom the way they dominate the workroom has my attention. 

Today's guest is Erik Everhard, an author, men's coach, and professional porn star. A former lover told him that his bedroom skills were so next-level that he should write a book, so that is just what he did. In today's episode, Erik shares his three pillars of sexual satisfaction and the ways that men are being misled about sex. He and I talk about men's responsibility during sex, the anatomy of the clitoris, and even how to breathe while going down on a woman.

Erik Everhard has over two decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry and he teaches high achievers elite-level sexual skills so that they can master the bedroom like they dominate the boardroom.

Listen in as Erik and I discuss the difference between porn and real sex, what gets women off, and how we should redefine sexual chemistry.

Erik is offering our listeners a 20% discount on his Crushing Performance Anxiety Course.

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"If you don't care about getting your partner off, what are you doing?" - Erik Everhard

Show Notes:

  • Seeking answers in plant medicine
  • Men's responsibility during sex
  • How men can really please women sexually
  • Ways that men are being misled about sex
  • How to speak the language of man 
  • The difference between porn and real sex
  • What gets women off
  • The anatomy of the clitoris
  • How to breathe while going down on a woman
  • The three pillars of sexual satisfaction
  • Redefining sexual chemistry
  • The lost art of sexualizing your partner 
  • Objectifying women in the bedroom
  • Myths around sex and the period

"You need to learn the lessons of the vibrator." - Erik Everhard

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"The principles of getting women off never change. The application of those principles will vary from woman to woman." - Erik Everhard