69 Erotic Ways to Make Him Squirm with Pleasure

Today I am talking with Lee Jagger about how her personal sex life changed after six years as an erotic masseuse. Having worked with over 2000 clients over the course of her career, Lee is the perfect person to speak with about different ways to express intimacy and new ways to be intimate.

Lee first got involved with her work purely because the money sounded good. What she didn't expect was the personal awakening she experienced at home as a result of her work. In this episode, she explains her Seven Minutes in Heaven morning routine and tells me why she doesn't like the word 'foreplay'. We also discuss the top five things that women get wrong about the penis and how the law of reciprocation ends up benefitting you. 

Lee Jagger is a sexpert and founder of RockTheBedroom.com where she has helped thousands of women claim their confidence and creativity in the bedroom using her signature erotic massage techniques. Her “hands-on” experience with over 2,000 male clients has helped her to understand what actually drives men wild is not what most women think.

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Listen in to this episode to learn what one thing all men wish women would do and why you can't serve your man spaghetti every day.

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"I learned so much about sex from Mother Teresa." - Lee Jagger

Show Notes:

  • How to get involved with erotic massage
  • Getting a job as an erotic masseuse
  • Standing up for yourself in an intimate situation
  • Finding the erotic zones on a man
  • Lee's come-to-Jesus moment
  • Honoring the job of sex workers
  • Reclaiming the title of slut
  • Bringing playfulness back to the bedroom
  • Opening up conversations in the bedroom
  • Top five things that women get wrong about the penis
  • Erotic massage for a flaccid penis
  • Techniques for trying something new in the bedroom

"The scrotum has FOMO." - Lee Jagger

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"Sex and intimacy are two very different things." - Lee Jagger