Diana Indries

Even I learned how to do relationships better after this conversation with Diana Indries. In today's episode, Diana and I discuss which important topics couples tend to avoid and how to engage in conversational relationship maintenance over time. We talk about the importance of treating long-term partners with respect during difficult chats and keeping the little promises that we make to ourselves. Diana also shares the process of retraining herself to be kind to herself and opens up about the continual practice it takes to become the person we want to become.

Diana Indries is a life coach and inventor of the award-winning game Better Topicsa game to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection with each other.

Listen in to learn how men and women communicate differently, tips for creating new habits in an old relationship, and what to do when your love language doesn't match up with your partner's.

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“Conversation in sex and relationships is both overrated and underrated.” - Diana Indries

Show Notes:

  • Diana's big aha moment
  • How to communicate effectively in a relationship 
  • Ways that men and women communicate differently
  • The important topics that couples avoid talking about
  • Talking about your needs
  • What does a great relationship look like
  • Creating new habits in an old relationship
  • Tips for keeping in touch with your partner
  • Upskilling your communication 
  • What good communication looks like
  • What to do when your love languages don't match up

"Who did I need to become in order to literally attract the right person for me? - Diana Indries

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"Whether I have patience or not, it is going to take what it takes." - Diana Indries