Customer: Does your relationship get a 5 star rating? wtih Dr. April Brown

Today's guest Dr. April Brown is an intimacy guru and in this episode, she and I discuss common causes of the erosion of intimacy in a long-term relationship, strategies for rebuilding that intimacy, and even tools of self-love or self-intimacy. Dr. Brown and I talk about how to be a chameleon with communication, when a couple needs a timeout, and how to recognize emotional "flooding" in your partner. Dr. Brown also shares why she makes couples write instead of simply sitting and listening to their partner and how we can practice listening to truly hear.

Dr. April is a licensed mental health Christian counselor, board-certified tele-mental health provider, national certified counselor, Florida certified sex therapist, and a qualified clinical supervisor. She specializes in anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships and sex therapy, emotional support for animals, and tele-mental health.

Listen in to learn ways to develop intimacy, the importance of hydration, and why your partner should be your number one customer service relationship.

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"When you're so stuck, where there's no air, there's no passion." - Dr. April Brown

Show Notes:

  • Defining intimacy
  • Layers of romantic intimacy
  • The concept of self-intimacy
  • Breaking down the different types of intimacy
  • Root causes of loneliness in a relationship 
  • The number one reason why couples separate
  • Learning how to speak your partner's language
  • Where intimacy goes wrong
  • Teaching your children about relationships
  • The value of unflinching self-love
  • Tools of self-love
  • Strategies for rebuilding intimacy 
  • Causes of the erosion of intimacy 

“Most relationships end because people get lonely.” - Dr. April Brown

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"If a relationship doesn't work for two people, it doesn't work." - Gabriela Rosa


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