We didn't get to cover premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction the last time he came on the show, so today, porn star, author, and coach Erik Everhard is back to talk about all the assumptions men make when they can't rise to the occasion.

In this episode, Erik and I talk about his methods for helping men deal with performance anxiety. Erik also shares tips for how to build what he calls "irrational self-belief in your penis" along with some helpful things he learned in his career, like biohacks for a longer erection. He also explains which two things you should be focusing on during sex and why you need to practice sex just like you would with any other skill.

Erik Everhard is an author, men's coach, and a top professional porn star with over two decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry. He teaches high achievers elite-level sexual skills so that they can master the bedroom like they dominate the boardroom. 

Listen in to learn solutions for a lost erection, conscious masturbation practices for men, and how to meditate for sex.

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"You can't think your way through sex." - Erik Everhard

Show Notes:

  • How can men deal with performance anxiety
  • How can men understand their bodies better
  • What penis exercises can men do
  • Can men do Kegel exercises
  • How to get your penis hard again if it goes soft
  • How to create a positive feedback loop in your brain
  • What is the Hint of Blood Phenomenon
  • Meditating for sex
  • Conscious masturbation practices for men
  • Solutions for a lost erection 
  • Biohacks for longer erections 

"No woman is going to understand your penis like you do." - Erik Everhard

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“Your dick is just an extension of you.” - Erik Everhard