I didn't understand the impact that shame could have on one's life until this episode. Today's guest Eve Milford knows all too well about the tendency of women to push people away when they experience shame. As both a certified Intimacy, Love, and Relationship Therapist and Women’s Pelvic Health Specialist, Eve preaches the importance of going into your body instead of outside your body. In this episode, she and I talk about the importance of awareness versus overcoming shame and we discuss the intersection of shame and pleasure.

Eve Milford works with a host of intimacy, pleasure, pain, and blockage issues women face and uses an integrated approach that transforms trauma, wounding, and feelings of numbness into reconnecting more positively with the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Listen in as we discuss all the ways that shame impacts relationships, why feeling shame is okay, and how to build healthy habits even when you don't want to.

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“We can't categorize shame into being a really bad thing.” - Eve Milford

Show Notes:

  • Defining shame
  • The many ways shame manifests itself 
  • How does shame show up in women
  • The side effects of shame
  • The argument against sexual pleasure as a luxury
  • All the ways that shame impacts relationships
  • How does shame impact sex
  • What does toxic shame look like
  • Liberating yourself of shame
  • Underlying causes of shame
  • How mirror work breaks down shame
  • Timelines for working through trauma

"I matter, so I'm not going to do that." - Eve Milford

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"I gave my body to others." - Eve Milford