Kristine GrantHow can writing a love letter improve your sex life? Today's guest, Kristine Grant, has all the answers. This conversation is unique because the technique she uses likely isn't super obvious to you and her areas of expertise are so diverse.

Kristine is a relationship coach and author who specializes in crafting personalized love letters for clients. Her letters help people express themselves and their fears. And one thing is clear: we all share the fear of not being loved and the fear of not being good enough. These fears color every aspect of our lives -- including the relationships that we have. In this episode, Kristine talks about the importance of ensuring your values are aligned in a relationship and how we evolve through our relationships.

Kristine Grant, besides being a relationship coach, is also a key speaker, author, and singer/songwriter. She is passionate about helping others to empower their communication for resolving conflicts by creating more love and intimacy in their relationships.

Listen in as Kristine talks about her six months at psychic school, shares her top tips for writing a love letter, and explains how relationships are like a pregnancy.

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"We all have baggage, but really, only one carry-on is allowed." - Kristine Grant

Show Notes:

  • How Kristine Grant got interested in letter writing
  • Six months at psychic school
  • Consequences of worry
  • Stopping worries in their tracks
  • Why letter writing is so powerful
  • How to communicate through letters
  • Ensuring your values are aligned in a relationship
  • How letters can heal
  • Evolving through our relationships
  • Top tips for writing a love letter
  • Learning from parents' communication styles
  • The importance of self-concept 
  • Writing as a form of therapy

"Lining up what you really value is key for any relationship to thrive." - Kristine Grant

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"Being flirtatious is beautiful; don't ever let that go." - Kristine Grant